Jobs to do in April

Gardening jobs in April:

  • Keep your borders tidy up pulling out any weeds. Prune any plant that is taking too much space and growing across other plants.
  • If there was no chance to put organic manure over the winter, this is the time of the year to apply a synthetic fertilizer.
  • For trees and shrubs, remove any frost-damaged shoots.
  • Keep an eye on the roses to sign for a black spot infection. If so, just spray with a recommended fungicide.
  • Prune shrubs and hedges as the weather is warm enough to make them grow quickly.
  • Reduce perennials base in order to get better-quality flowers.
  • Deadhead the last of the daffodils and leave the stalk intact.
  • The lawn must be mowed regularly by now.
  • Apply feed on established lawns and keep removing any weed.
  • Moss problem can be treated now. Just apply a moss killer, leave to act for a few days and then rake it.
  • Sow a new lawn or repair an existing one is a good time of the year to start.