Jobs to do in June

Gardening jobs in June: Deadheading will be a regular job as some flowers go over. This will help to extend the flowering period. Hoe or hand-pull weeds Fill any gaps up with some plants for the summer. Control greenfly on roses. Remove very gently the faded flowers in the Rhododendron. Mow the lawn regularly. Apply […]

Jobs to do in March

Gardening jobs Start mowing lawns and reseed patches. Propagate shrubs by layering Prune bush and roses Sow sweet peas outdoors. Protect fruit blossom against late frosts Finish planting bare-root trees. Finish pruning late-flowering clematis Deadhead daffodils Mow lawns regularly, feed it and remove thatch.

Jobs to do in April

Gardening jobs in April: Keep your borders tidy up pulling out any weeds. Prune any plant that is taking too much space and growing across other plants. If there was no chance to put organic manure over the winter, this is the time of the year to apply a synthetic fertilizer. For trees and shrubs, […]